Patsy Hand



On Display

The Hotel Gordon

A new art-centric boutique hotel opened in Eugene, Oregon.

The Hotel features dramatic architecture and the work of accomplished artists. Three of Patsy Hand’s large abstracts were selected, and have begun their public journey at the Hotel. Air on G String, pictured here, is one of the three.

Featured Work

The Fate of No. 275

“Two years ago I was in New York touring an underground depiction of 9-11, with all the terror and grief on the walls, floors, and faces. A year later, I completed The Fate of No. 275.  My painting subjects find me, most often in connection with something that pushes through my memory when I have a brush in hand. The Fate of No. 275 depicts the fall of a building and other destruction but with color and heart, showing that beauty can find a way through chaos.” 


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